spider/robin/robbie, 18, he/him only
male transgay, greyrom
istj, cancer, chaotic neutral
graphic artist
autistic + adhd + psychotic

likes: plushies, cereal, cute/creepy things, computers, fictional father figures, reptilesdislikes: christianity, hot weather, camping, loud noises, hypocrites, scrambled eggs

before you follow:

- i use tone indicators
- i do not tag food, capslock, or swearing
- i'm a horror fan! i try to tag things appropriately. i especially like any medical-related horror and scopophobia
- i try to stay away from discourse
- i sometimes use slurs i can reclaim
- i have really bad internalized transphobia
- please do NOT call me cute, you can call something i made cute but not me personally.
- because of psychosis i feel mentally detached from reality and am delusional. most of my delusions don't show, but just be aware ig
- never talk down to me like i'm a kid, or (even jokingly) call me a brat/selfish/needy/etc
- i like to self-insert to cope
- i heavily identify with akira kurusu (p5) and sometimes call him "me"
- i tend to get too self-defensive too quickly, i don't mean to sound like i'm trying to argue
- speaking of arguing do not publicly argue/debate with me. i probably won't participate and will block if necessary

do NOT follow/interact if...

- basic dni criteria
- you support m-spec/bi/pan "lesbians"
- you are a christian
- proshipper/anti-anti/fujoshi/ whatever you freaks call yourselves these days
- you headcanon autistic coded characters as asexual (especially yusuke)
- you use she/her for naoto shirogane
- you like or condone "yandere" trope media (satire and jokes are OK)
- you are active on mcyttwt
- you ship shutaba, yutaba, shusumi, or any adult/minor pairing
- younger than 14
- older than 26 (unless i follow first)
- think it's ok to use "psycho" as an insult or an aesthetic
- you actively, genuinely hate my interests/favs (not as in criticism, like as in actual Hate)

CW and TW tags i need:

- grooming. i have the term muted on twt so tagging helps
- character death, canon or otherwise.
- discussion of christianity and/or christian beliefs. anything more than just a mention is tag-worthy
- ableism particularly towards autistics or psychotics
- transphobia
- shutaba, yutaba, shumaru, anything gross like that
- jeff the killer
- screamer videos / sites
- cruella (2021)
- naoto gender discourse, specifically transphobe shit
catchall is "spider don't look" or something similar


(things that bother me quite a bit but aren't really triggers. tagging these isn't necessary)

- zipfizz drinks
- the phrase "walking on eggshells"
- any m/f ship involving yusuke kitagawa, goro akechi, or kanji tatsumi
- pride flag discourse
- discussion of churches or going to church
- autistic-coded characters being headcanoned as ace


- ace attorney & dgs duology
- vocaloid/utau/synthv/etc
- persona 4-5
- the walten files
- ducktales (2017)
- fnaf (particularly fnaf:sb)
- doki doki literature club
- red velvet (kpop)
- bnha (not active in fandom)
- kingdom hearts
- ex-homestuck
(you really are stuck with it for life...)
(btw my classpect is seer of life lol)

comfort characters

- yusuke kitagawa <3
- ryuji sakamoto <3
- miles edgeworth
- sebastian debeste
- kay faraday
- kazuma asogi
- kanji tatsumi
- sherlock holmes (dgs)
- iris watson
- barok van zieks
- maria gorey
- gina lestrade
- susato mikotoba
- shi-long lang
- simon keyes
- yusuke kitagawa <3
- ryuji sakamoto <3
- kairi (kh)
- scrooge mcduck (dt17)
- louie duck (dt17)
- gyro gearloose (dt17)
- glamrock freddy
- ochako uraraka
- tenya iida
- deadpool
- takuto maruki
- zenkichi hasegawa

click here to see a separate carrd about my favs

non-fandom interests

- psychology/sociology/anthropology
- psychological horror
- various other types of horror ; including sci-fi horror (like fictional human experimantation, for example), medical horror, computer/glitch horror, liminal spaces, and horror surrounding toys and/or dolls
- bugs (not as in entomology, i just think bugs are neat)
- character/plot analysis
- game design

highest kins

i just kin for fun and for coping, it's not as much of a spiritual thing or w/e, doubles r swag

that's about it, thanks for reading! sorry it's a little long lolhere are some links to other sites you can find me on:

pronoun info?? idk what to call this page lol

β™‘ = YES
🞭 = NO
β˜† = OK jokingly

β™‘ he/him
🞭 she/her
🞭 they/them
🞭 any other pronoun really

β™‘ boy/man
β™‘ dude/bro/brother/etc
β™‘ mr./sir
β˜† comrade
β˜† buddy/pal
β˜† girl
🞭 any other feminine term

β˜† wife/malewife
🞭 hot
🞭 cute (calling something i made cute is ok, calling ME cute is not) (same with "sexy")

not rlly a fan of the transmasc flag personally

any gay flag (besides nblm) is ok for me i literally dont care lmao

this is the greyromantic flag & i wish it werent that ugly but oh well ig

for the record, i am not particularly for OR against the blue/ocean gay flag. just to clarify, the one i'm talking about was created with actual meaning for each stripe, it's not the transphobe one. if you want, not saying you have to, you can see this tweet that expresses my full opinion on it. if you are ok with it, cool, if u dont like it, also cool. i don't really use the blue flag to represent myself, i just personally think flag discourse is pointless. i will NOT start (or participate in) drama over it. ok? ok.