.BYF. : i love horror but i try to cw tag it, otherwise i don't tag my interests;i do not tag food, capslock, or swearing;i support the blue gay flag please do not start fights it just wastes both of our time;if baroryu or asobaroryu make you uncomfortable i don't recommend following. if you don't know what that means then dont worry abt it lmao
.DNI. : "proshipper"/fujoshi/whatever you freaks call yourselves these days;radinclus;christians;you like "yandere" things;mcyt fans;shutaba likers;minor x adult ships;just dont be a piece of shit ok
.PLEASE TAG. : groomingchristianity;transphobia;jeff the killer (just say spider dont look or something for a catchall idfk)

characters that make me foam at the mouth

characters who r just like me fr
akira kurusu/joker (p5);trucy wright (aa);maria gorey (dgs);naoto shirogane (p4)
.INTERESTS. ace attorney/dgsvocaloid/utau/etc;yuukoku no moriarty ;monster prom series; persona 4-5;psychological horror;yamikawaii / menhera
.MUSIC. YUC'e;oster project;pinocchioP;mitski; nicole dollanganger;hozier